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  1. Homosexuals, God’s special people

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    Homosexuals are God’s special people, aren’t they? So, what makes them so special? Well, I’ll begin by asking what is a Homosexual? And the answer is they are men and women who are sexually attracted to their own sex, man to man, woman to woman (characterized by a tendency to direct sexual desire towards another of the same sex – Merriam-Webster). The reason Homosexuals men can’t produce children with each other is because a man is only one part of the reproduction equation, and does not have the reproduction equipment (the second part) that women have. That goes for Homosexual women also, they have one part of the two part reproduction equation (yes, any woman could be vessel for man’s sperm, directly or by artificial insemination, but in general man on man and woman on woman do not reproduce).

    Then why did God create Homosexuals if they could not advance the population of the species? Simple, God understood that humans liked and participated in a lot of sex, either with themselves, another person or with a group of people, lets face it God made sex extremely pleasurable for humans. So for the human race to evolve to an intelligent dominant species, humans had to develop, evolve slowly and could not quickly overpopulate in their early stages. Now to control the development and well being of humans God created a portion of society that would not have the desired sexual attraction to produce offspring. This was god’s natural order of birth control (later in the development and control of the world’s population plagues, famine, disease restructured populations, as well as humans having this uncanny ability to wage war and murder each other, which also helped control population). But in God’s grand scheme of natural order, Homosexuals are God’s divine natural birth control, divine population control, divine family planning.

  2. Steven Toushin interview

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    You’ve been in the adult entertainment industry for (ahem) quite a bit of time — especially gay entertainment. How did you first get involved

    How did I get started in porn?

    How I got started is somewhat of a long story so I will shorten it up a bit. In 1966, I left New York and started traveling, working my way around the country. (My initial goal was to see Marlene Dietrich up at Expo). In the summer of 1968, I stopped in Chicago. I only meant to stay for a few weeks, but I wound up getting a job managing the Aardvark Theater in Piper’s Alley in Old Town, the Greenwich Village of Chicago.

    The Aardvark showed avant-garde, experimental, and documentary films and, when it could afford them, classic films like The Red Balloon, Bicycle Thief, etc. All of the shows were little-known films that produced only a modest return. Many of the films also played at college film festivals and art houses; for example, Titicut Follies, a story about life inside a Massachusetts institution for mentally ill criminals. Gay-themed films included Kenneth Anger’s Scorpio Rising, The Queen (about a drag queen contest), Bob Dylan’s documentary called Don’t Look Back, and films that portrayed nudity. Nudity did extremely well at the box office.

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  3. Santorum, Maccain, Torture.

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    I do not like John MacCain’s politics. I also do not like when members of Congress make the impression that John MacCain is the ICON of what an American war hero all about. There are tens of thousands of war hero’s, men who have lost limbs, men who cared for their dieing buddies, men who were prisoners of war, men who have saved others under the hardship of war. So to clarify John MacCain is a war hero like many others and in his field of expertise being a prisoner of war he is exceptionally knowledgeable.

    Rick Santorum was a Pennsylvania Republican Congressman from 1991 to 1995 and then a U.S. Senator also from Pennsylvania from 1995 to 2007.

    On Tuesday May 17, 2011 Rick Santorum said on the Hugh Hewitt’s radio show that Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who was tortured as a prisoner of war in Vietnam, “doesn’t understand how enhanced interrogation works.”

    This is one of many stupid, ignorant statements this fool has said in his public life. I may not like Senator MacCain but I certainly respect him for his service and valor in the armed forces and as a captive soldier and I would never have said that “ he (MacCain) doesn’t understand how enhanced interrogation works” with captive prisoners.

    So someone please tell me how in the world has America elected some of the most stupid, ignorant self serving and destructive and disrespectful people to be in government. Rick Santorum is a disgrace and embarrassment to congress where he served and to America.

  4. Jeffrey Dahmer

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    By Steven Toushin
    Sitting in the courtroom listening to Park Elliot Dietz list his accomplishments, I had no idea that our paths would indirectly cross again, the result of a truly sad and bizarre event. Just three years after my own trial, Park Elliot Dietz would testify in the trial of Jeffrey Dahmer, who killed my devoted employee, Jeremy Weinberger. What you are about to read is adapted from a series of articles I wrote in 2002.

    Dietz was one of the prosecution’s expert witnesses testifying that Jeffrey Dahmer was sane during his murder spree. You can decide for yourself whether Dietz’s opinions were accurate and his conclusions true; or whether he simply sidestepped the law to promote his own personal agenda. If Jeffrey Dahmer was sane, what could it possibly mean to be insane?
    * * *

    I put together this article from memory and personal files, as well as magazine and newspaper clippings, which helped, refresh my memory. Going back into the past, reading and remembering the events as they unfolded, it has become very surreal to me. As I am writing, I stare at the screen in a dream-like state, becoming sad from the tragedy and all the lives it touched, and the lives that were suddenly taken away.

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